Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top Yoga DVDs for Back Care

There are many Yoga DVD's now available , but here are the Top Yoga DVDs for Back Care.


These are some very gently Yoga poses for anyone with back problems, they are easy-to-use interactive DVD menus allow you to choose from 6 routines that range from 20-40 minutes to help with common back related issues including:

Yoga for Back Care - 6 Routines
Back Care (Revitalizing) (40 Min.)
Neck Care (40 Min.)
Lumbar Care (20 Min.)
Sciatica Relief (35 Min.)
Scoliosis Routine (25 Min.)
Rest and Restore (25 Min.)

The gentle sequences on this DVD are appropriate both for those who are actively in pain and for those who wish to maintain optimal back health. Prior yoga experience would be helpful, but it is not a necessity, as Benagh provides thorough, detailed instruction and offers modification suggestions throughout.

Yoga Journal: Yoga For Total Back Care With Annie Carpenter

Here is the renowned vinyasa flow yoga teacher Annie Carpenter and she provides you with the tools you need to learn how to release tension and prevent injury in the neck, back, and shoulders. These are the essential poses and methods for achieving and maintaining a strain and injury free back.

Annie's instruction focuses on proper alignment as a gateway to well-being. Two 45-minute sequences target the major problem areas to help students build awareness both on and off the mat. 1. Neck, Upper-Back, Shoulders Saver: Sequence One will strengthen the upper back and shoulder girdle, providing the stability you need to keep your neck pain- and tension-free.

Monday, March 16, 2015

eBook for Back Pain Relief

Free eBook for Back Pain Relief

 A wealth of knowledge about back pain at your finger tips

Click here to download  your Complimentary eBook in PDF format

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Yoga Mats and Accessories

It is important to get the right Yoga mat and accessories that a suitable for your size body. Yoga mats come in different lengths and size thickness,. The Yoga stability ball also comes in different sizes and it is very important to get the right size for your comfort, here are some of the most popular Yoga mats and accessories I would recommend to you after having experienced some bad mats in my past.


There are so many mats to choose from and from personal experience the cheapest ones don't last long and they are uncomfortable. Make sure you Yoga may is not too thin and it is long enough .

Some of the best yoga mats can cost as much as $100, but the low-priced YogaAccessories (TM) 1/4'' Extra Thick High Density Yoga Mats stands out for the rave reviews it receives from users. Owners say the mat is an incredible bargain, providing the same level of support and cushioning as mats that cost five times as much.

It cushions your feet and gives you stability during some of the stretching moves. This mat is a full 1/4" thick and provides great cushion for your yoga routines. It is cushiony enough that it supports me in a variety of poses, whether I'm standing, kneeling, laying down, stretching. It is far better than doing yoga on a bare floor.

The Yoga Mat and Towel Combination is a great way to keep yourself sweat free during your Yoga workout, designed for the hot Yoga classes, I love it for my everyday workout. They bonded a non slip microfiber towel onto a regular yoga mat.

Lush, Super Absorbent, Ultra Thick and Extra Long 72" x 24" wide. Durable and Long Lasting. Easy to care for and machine washable.

 It's like practicing on a magic carpet. It weighs less and washes beautifully. Yes, it's more expensive than a simple yoga mat or towel, I highly recommend this combo.


I love the stability ball, it lives in the corner of my living room, it's a great spare chair when kids are around and I pull it out when I am watching TV, this is a must in my house.

Even have one in your office at work, when you need to take 5 minutes away from your computer, it is so relaxing doing a few stretches on the Stability Ball, Your Yoga and Fitness Companion.

Make sure you get the right size ball, when you are sitting on it you hips, knees and posture should be at a 90 degree angle.

I am going to do a whole section on the benefit of the stability ball with back pain.


These are two Yoga accessories you may need to help you get into positions a little easier, I have short arms and trying to get  from downward facing dog  to Warrior is not easy for me and this is where I use my block to help me lift my body up off the floor a little.  This Yoga Strap & Block Combo  supports your body to make difficult poses more accessible.

The strap can be used to stretch out you poses a little further or you can use it as a resistancy tool, you would be very surprised at how useful this tool is.

The Mandala Yoga includes two balls, durable, solid rubber massage balls. Mandala Yoga Massage Balls are approximately four inch solid balls. Mandala Massage Balls provide greater support than a tennis ball!!

They are pliable too. Learning to use the Mandala balls takes no time at all. They are truly user friendly. Lay on them, roll your fee on them. Just use pressure if you are rolling them anywhere you can't lay on.

 YOGA BackPack
Here is one of the newest Yoga accessory items that is dual purpose, the Yoga Mat Sport Bag, it can be used for day hikes , travel or going to a day out on the sports field , this very versatile bag comes in an assortment of colors and the are many pockets to hold an assortment of your personal belongings..

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Child's Pose

Here are the best Yoga Poses to help ease your back pain.

Poses can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Easy floor and wall Yoga Poses


The Sphinx Pose is a gentle back bend that opens up the chest, lungs and lower back, there are a variations of sphinx poses.

  The Yoga pose with the legs on the wall is a restorative pose and has a tremendous amount of benefits, not just for your lower back but also for your digestive system, calms your immune system, regulates your blood pressure and relieves tired muscles.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

I use Yoga for my lower back pain, after years of struggling with achy joints and muscles, I decided to try Yoga and it has helped me in so many areas in my life.

Lower back pain can be caused by overuse of the ligaments or  muscles and they tear, or there is pressure on the nerves and this is where Yoga is ideal for lower back pain,

Warm Up Back Rotation

Before you begin your exercise it is very important to warm up the spine, so I recommend sitting on the floor or mat with your legs crossed in your most comfortable position and your arm on either side of your knees, hanging and relax your shoulders.

Then start moving your shoulders in a clockwise position, starting out with a small circular motion, slowly making your circle bigger. Close your eyes to feel your momentum. Continue this for 1 minute and then stop and center yourself and then begin the rotation in an anti clockwise position. Again start out with just small circles, getting bigger and bigger, again for another minute. 

 Yoga is a relaxing and very easy method to use to help reduce or even eliminate your back pain.

Side Stretches 

Once you have warmed up your back from the side rotation exercise, lift your right hand straight up above your head and lean over to the left, putting the left and on the floor as your momentum takes your to the left, keep you back as straight as possible and slowly stretch your side, hold for 15 seconds and return back to your center position.

Repeat on the other side, raise your left hand up above your head and lean over to the right, hold for another 15 seconds .

Repeat this exercise 5 times on each side and now you are ready for some

Butterfly Stretches

The Butterfly stretch is an easy way to give your back some immediate back pain relief. To do the butterfly stretch all that you need is a little bit of room to stand up and stretch. 

First place your hands, palms down, on your shoulders. Keep your hands in place, without moving, as you bring your elbows together in front of you. The closer your elbows come to each other the tighter your back will feel. Once you feel a strong stretch you should hold it for at least five seconds.

 Repeat this move 9 or 10 times for maximum back pain therapy.

Bridge Pose
Lie on your back with your knees bent and pointing straight up, with your feet close to your butt. Your feet should be parallel to each other and the same distance apart as your knees (about 6").

Lift your hips and press down with your feet to help lift your hips up off the ground. Your feet, arms, shoulders, and head should remain on the ground.

Hold this pose for as long as you can and remember to breathe in this pose. If you cant get your hips off the ground very far then place a blanket or a yoga block under the arch of your spine, just to release your hips a little further.

 Focus on expanding the chest as you inhale, and scooping in your belly as you exhale.

To release the pose, unclasp your hands and simply lower your hips to the mat.

Spine Rotation

This is a very relaxing pose and a wonderful release for your back, lie on your back with your knees and hips bent and your feet flat on the ground. 

 Have your arms in the crucifix position, now rotate your knees to one side and hold the position for 30 seconds, make sure you keep your shoulders on the floor.

Then reverse this position by rotating your hips to the other side and hold it for another 30 seconds.
Repeat this exercise 5 times, preferable 2 times a day.

Cat and Cow

Begin with your hands and knees on the floor. Make sure your knees are under your hips, and your wrists are under your shoulders. Begin in a neutral spine position, with your back flat and your abs engaged.
As you inhale, let your belly soften, arch your back, and lift your head and tailbone. This part of the stretch is called cow.

With an exhale, round your spine up to the ceiling pulling your abs toward your spine, and simultaneously tuck your tailbone in and tuck your chin toward your chest. This part is known as cat.

Continue flowing back and forth from cat to cow, breathing deeply so as not to rush each movement.

These are 5 wonder easy exercises for back pain and these should be done first thing in the morning to wake up your back and then again at night, it can be done in front of the TV.

A wonderful position to finish your program with is Child Pose.

Child s Pose
This is a wonderful position to relieve your back pain at any time.

Kneel on your mat with your knees hips-width distance apart, and your big toes touching behind you.
Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, lie your torso down onto your thighs. Try to lengthen your neck and spine, by drawing your ribs away from your tailbone, and the crown of your head away from your shoulders.

Rest your arms beside your legs, with palms facing up, or try extending your arms out in front of you. I also like to separate my knees and bring my arms between my legs, and turn my head to the side so my cheek is on the mat. Each of these variations will stretch your back, neck, and shoulders differently, so try them all to see which one you like best.

Stay here for five breaths or longer, and once you've had enough, you can inhale to lift your torso up.

These are just some of the most successful Yoga exercise for lower back pain, for more advanced exercise please check out Yoga Therapy for Chronic Back Pain if you have more than a niggle. Yoga involves whole body alignment and is the key to helping your body return to it’s natural posture. Find out how yoga can help you to return to a balanced life style.